Formed in 2018, the mission of 1761 Arts is to foster collaborations (on both the individual & organizational levels) with the purpose of developing revolutionary ideas in the arts and humanities. These multi-disciplinary initiatives and programs are coupled with youth education, mentorship, and supportive infrastructure.

Education Never Stops

1761 Arts offers a unique education program that has four key components:

  1. Life skills – 1761 Arts develops initiatives that encourage active listening, open communication, flexibility, the ability to improvise, skills of observation and organization, time-management, teamwork, conflict resolution, and confidence. At 1761 Arts, we firmly believe that innovation begins when a) a complex challenge is identified, b) the applied constraints are understood and c) inspired solutions are developed. Of course, the ability to articulate the complex challenge, the constraints, and the proposed solution is the final key skill that must be developed for a successful realization of the vision.

  2. Technical skills – 1761 Arts recognizes that not everyone will be able to articulate their thoughts in words or share their ideas in pictures. Some great talents are best demonstrated through common trade skills, such as carpentry, sewing, electrical work, welding, lighting, etc. Since the best learning connects technology and the humanities, 1761 Arts supports the development of these skills, because - while all of these can certainly be applied to theater, film, digital media, costuming, sound recording, etc. - they can also lead to future opportunities in engineering, the sciences and common trades. Not every young artist will desire to pursue a professional career in the arts. Providing our youth with the basic skills and confidence to succeed in their chosen careers is an equally satisfying and very worthy outcome.

  3. History – 1761 Arts develops programs that explore art and literature in the context of history – and specifically, how history and current events affect the creative process – and vice versa.

  4. Mentoring – 1761 Arts connects artists of different generations and encourages mentoring. There is nothing more palpable than the kinetic energy that occurs when enthusiastic youth get to learn from experienced mentors. There is nothing more fulfilling to mentors than to share their knowledge, hard-earned skills, and legacy with the next generation.